Looking for body

im looking for a body for my reborn zoey. she is a short little girl, but i wish for her to be twenty four (24) months or two years. she is about like reborn tibby. just slightly smaller head by only three (3) inches. her legs are quite a bit shorter though at only nine (9) inches approximate.
i was wondering if anyone else has had this issue on finding a new body. i eventually want to get reborn tibby to paint myself. but i was wondering if the realborn emmy body is a better fit for a two (2) year old than the tibby body. thank you all so much!

(what size diaper does the emmy body take?)

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Which Zoey are you referring to? Is it a sitting or standing kit? If you use too large of a body, she’ll be taller but really out of proportion. Tibby’s 31 inches and her 3/4 sitting limbs are 15 inches.

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She is a sitting kit. I don’t know the name for the kit I bought her used. Following the curve of her leg she has 14.5 inch and her arm with the curve is approx 12 inch. She has a slightly smaller head than tibby which made me think her body would work.

She is sitting next to my 20inch asleep baby that was gifted to me. When I first got her she was approx 25 inches but a very wide body.

If we could see her mouth I’m sure we’d be able to help identify her :slight_smile:

She had an open smile with teeth. But I can’t use magnets with my kid around we had an issue before so I opened her mouth for full paci

Dreamcatcherbabies thank you so much that’s a start. I’m stuck between either realborn Emmy body or tibby. I’m looking at the clothes I have on hand and trying to estimate what would look best. I want to thank everyone for being so helpful!

I would go with an Arienna by Reva body. I may be wrong but I believe she is 26 inches.

You will not be able to use Tibby’s body because she has 3/4 limbs and your baby has full limbs

How do you think 3652 (on sale) would go?

@kattkookin3 If her head is 3 inches smaller that Tibby that would make her about a 22 inch baby. I actually think the Amelia body will work fine. I used this body on my Riley with is 22 inches and he looks fine! #4667


I’ve decided to order Amelia and Emmy bodies and see which one I like best with her. I’ve been repainting her bit by bit eventually she will be a completed baby. When I get done with her I’ll post photos. Thank you everyone for assistance! I feel so welcomed.

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Please come back and let us see once you’ve assembled her.

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Hit a bit of a financial hiccup but I won’t forget to show you lovely ladies. I plan on the Emmy body since she needs to be bigger to fit the clothes I have on hand.