Looking for a silicone

Hey guys! So I am looking to get a custom silicone. I was gonna go with another artist but she isn’t shipping to Canada right now so I’m hoping to find similar quality and price. If you can make me one I have a $650 CAD deposit and would like to do a payment plan. Please post pictures of your work and prices. Thank you! Preferably no more than $2550 CAD.

EDIT: Full body silicone

EDIT 2: I’m open to already made as well but would prefer not rooted.

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https://www.dm-hstudio.com/silicones My favorite silicone artist!

http://www.ritarich.com/ not top of the line quality but ok

all 3 offer layaway

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The Baby Nook on Facebook has some adorable unpainted silicones. Sculptor is Izzy Zhao. She used to be on our forum. IDK if she does payment plans but you could ask. Her babies are very realistic and well made.

Izzy makes amazing sculpts but you would need to have it painted. The Baby Nook.

I have my first silicone kit coming out :heart: Full body non gendered preemie sculpt :heart:

I’ll be getting her prototype kits this week!


@Reborndaddyog how much will she cost? She is adorable!


Her blank will be around $1100 with a limited edition of 15 :heart::heart:


Great price!!!

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