Lookin for air dry sealer for air dry paints or shiny dolls?

Pam in PA wrote me about a product from FolkArt that she has tried with success. I purchased some of this product and have done some tests with it. So far everything looks very good! So if you are looking for a true matte air dry prep sealer and final finish to use over any air dry acrylic paints, go to my blog and read all about it starting with this days post and afterwards:

http://lildumplinsnursery.blogspot.com/ … chive.html
I big shout out goes to Pam in PA for finding this product!

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Great product Angie - order it online?

http://www.hofcraft.com/plaid-folkart-p … diums.html
You can also get it at Amazon.com and some of the Joanne stores.

Can this be used on reborns painted with genesis paints or just air dry paints?

Yes. It is all explained in the blog.

Well, hopefully people will try it and share about it here.

I had to order it online and it came in this week but I haven’t had a chance to try it. I’ll put some on a doll tomorrow and let you know how it looks.