Look who came in the post today!

It’s Majara Marx! Is she throwing me a ‘peace sign’? I think she is! (by the way, she’s got beautifully detailed hands and feet - my main reason for buying any kit these days!)

Did you preorder her from I R R E S I T A B L E S ?

— Begin quote from “babymamma”

Did you preorder her from I R R E S I T A B L E S ?

— End quote

No, there is a man on ebay in Canada who sells all of Marx’s dolls. I heard he’s actually related to her. This is his link:


— Begin quote from “sandys sweethearts”

Beautiful kit can’t wait to see her finished!

— End quote

I couldn’t help myself. I swore up and down that I wasn’t going to start a new baby until I finished rooting the two heads I’m actively working on. But when I saw her little face, that went out the window!

I end up buying kits on sale and adding them to my stash and am currently in a down time with a head to finish rooting, two kits in the process of painting, one face to finish, two to salvage after melting the arms slightly, two to sell, over ten in the box to start and what am I doing? Looking for kits to buy!

Cute kit! Cant wait to see your baby when she’s done
How cute with the peace sign lol

she is beautiful!