Look what I found under our rosebush

It’s little Rosebud (Petunia fairy by Marita Winters). I kept her very pale, just with some blue undertones and pink toes and fingers, and cheeks, and slightly shaded creases. And forgot eyebrows. So back in the oven.
Might stick some glitter on her too. I was going to root her, but the head is so hard and vinyl thick.


She looks so cute! Love how you posed her too. :slight_smile:

How cute. :slight_smile:

She is really lovely.

SO CUTE!!! I think she is adorable as a baldy.

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So sweet! :heart_eyes:

She’s just adorable. Wouldn’t she be cute posed in a real rose? I love how she is posed now too though!

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Oh my goodness she is so sweet!!!

I fell in love with this kit from this photo:

But mine looks different; why do the eyes on mine look so much smaller? I cannot set them up like the prototype; it just does not fit and the right one seems to look lopsided. Or is it just me?

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She is adorable!

Thanks, maybe the eyes will look bigger when I root her eyelashes ?

She is adorable. Maybe your eyes are a larger size than the prototype? There seems to be less whites in your photos, I think.

Yes, but these are the eyes that come with the kit. I already had to stuff something behind them to fit snugly. They look like the same eyes - those oval flat back ones.
Anyway, I painted another layer making the undertones more noticeable and I think she looks fine now

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