Look at this sweetie

I don’t usually like silicones but this baby nearly makes me want to learn how to paint them. I got a notice in my email so I had to go look. My husband would fall over dead if I had to pay out that much for kits LOL



So very sweet!

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@RebornsbyZebra I want her!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: And if your hubby would know that you can sell that baby for $5,000.00 plus (and it’s more fine silicone Ecoflex 20) he would definitely let you to buy and paint her. I was talking to Susan Gibbs who is teaching silicone class for the beginners at IDTS, there are totally different techniques for silicon painting and it scares me a little, but I think I want to take her class next year.


You can do it April!! I’m still trying to get my vinyl dolls to look good enough. I wouldn’t personally attempt it but I know you can pull this off!! <3

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I got the email too. I thought “I need that cutie!” then realized it was silicone and saw the price tag. Never mind. :rofl:


I don’t know…like @YelenaRey says, its a totally different animal so I would have to learn on silicone parts that I maybe make myself. I think its just too rich for my bank account right now. Who knows, maybe someday Ill give it a go :wink: .

Yeah, thats what I said too @EnchantedOrphanage LOL
I just noticed that they are selling her on Macphersons as well now :slight_smile:

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