Long neck!

So I was putting my Miranda together last night, get to the head, and it looks ridiculous! The neck on this body is so long. Luckily I had another body that fit her, BUT which kit could this body possibly fit??

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This looks like the bodies recently on sale at dolls by Sandie. They were for kits with no neck


It’s possible I grabbed the wrong one. Any idea which kits have no necks? I don’t know that I’ve really noticed any before.

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I bought one of those not realizing it had such a long neck. I carefully cut off the neck band and moved it down. Then I cut off the excess fabric. It worked great. I also put the opening at the back. You might have to take the shoulder seams in just a little before putting the band back on.

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Here is the link. They show an older doll on it (personally I do not like the look and would do as Jean suggests)

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Thanks to you both. I’m not much of a seamstress, but I may have to try that!

The baby with this body reminds me of a chicken :joy::joy: