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Hi all! Can anyone recommend a really good (fee) site to help in creating a logo? There are so many out there, and I’d rather go with one that’s tried and true! Thank you!

Logopit plus is what I use.
Free app that allows solid and clear background for watermarking.
Several free fonts/designs etc (you can pay for others if you want to but never have lol)

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Thank you! It’s SO frustrating as they all say they are free until it’s not! And of course they all want your email address first. :rage:

I’ve had no issues with this one.
I never paid for anything extra, I did download a few of the extra font packs (still free) but other than that? Everything free lol
You can even save designs you see online and load them in to use (just make sure it’s not already someone’s watermark)

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That’s great! I’d love to use a pic but most of them don’t give you that option

The ones I’ve used, I just save or SS the design then load it into the app

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Canva can be really helpful when making a logo!

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That was one of the sites I went to, but it wasn’t free.

If you have something simple in mind, I can make one for you:)

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I use it in my classroom to teach the psychology of color/shape in marketing


That’s a really sweet offer, but I was hoping to create it myself so any time I wanted to make changes I could. My daughter is supposed to do it but she’s been really busy and I hate to bother her right before she moves :blush:

Thank you! I’ll give it a try!

@Peachtree That is so coll that you teach this skills in school!

@Reborndaddyog Did you created your new logo? It’s so beautiful!

I did thank you :heart:

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I used this app to create my logo.

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Thank you for the suggestion! Do you know if you can add your own pics? Most of them use clip art only.

Yes. It will allow you to do that.

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Awesome! Thank you again :heart:

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