Logan: Boy or Girl?

I’ve had this little one up for sale (as a boy) since December with not even a little nibble. His twin brother sold almost immediately to a very happy 9 yr. old mommy. Do you think he would be better as a boy or a girl?
Sorry for cell phone pics! I can post some of his official photoshoot later, I just have to resize them


I like as a girl <3

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I know girls sell better, but I think this is a boy. :slight_smile:

I’ve had both boys and girls sell equally well, actually lol I know for most girls go faster though. If he doesn’t sell soon I’m going to have to sell one from my personal collection so I can pay my mom back for my pre-orders lol


He’s 300$ CAD which is approx. 225$ USD. He’s a bit of a booboo baby, but really nothing major. Pm me if you’re interested in him

Put it in a yellow sleeper

I don’t have one lol

I prefer girls but it looks like a boy

If no bites dress it really frilly with a bow and headband and try again.

I’ll try that :slight_smile: I’ll probably grab my purple backdrop, matching wrap and tiebacks and try that lol

Try a girl and maybe some clearer pics with close-ups of hands, feet, ears, head, and face. BOL on your sale :heartpulse:

These aren’t the pics from his listing lol these were just testing if he looked better as a boy or a girl. His listing pics are actually good lol I’ve got all the details and stuff, but still nothing. He’s on hold for someone right now, so hopefully he’ll have a mommy soon!


Crossing my fingers for a mommy soon :slight_smile:

Me too! But then Gannon (Levi) will be the only boy in the nursery lol!

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Logan asleep always looks boy to me. That is why I made Logan awake a girl :wink:


Boy all the way!