Little person Reborn

I am so curious, have anyone made or seen a reborn to look like a little person (dwarf) baby?? I think thats a cool idea, and in no way is this question made to be offensive i just like the idea. what you guys think?


I think that would be adorable!! I mean there are adorable Downs syndrome kits…why not sculpt a kit to resemble a little person :smiley: :heart::heart:

Yes exactly. I wonder if there are artist who are little people and if they feel like Thats lackin in this market

Yes I have seen one somewhere, that is a good idea!


Yes, it has been done by someone but unfortunately I don’t remember who made it. It came out real cute, maybe you can try the spyglass and see if you can find it.



I was thinking about the same thing. I like to watch “Little People, Big World” and they are having babies now.

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I made one years ago for my coworkers daughter. I used Luca Knoops head , a custom made body and the Berenguer “Lots to love” full limbs. It was a long time ago and I don’t have a picture handy. But she looked so adorable

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That is exactly why i asked…lol i love that show and Tori little baby is so cute. Thats where the idea came from

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Hopefully i would love to see the turnout

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Aww to bad u have no photos ur the first one to say you’ve made one

I wonder if you could put together one that resembles a little person. Most of the babies just have larger heads and shorter limbs that I have seen. You might be able to mix and match to make one.

I watch it also. Zachs new baby doesn’t look like a dwarf but I think when they get a little older the head shape changes some depending on the type of dwarfism that they have.

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Zach’s new baby is adorable. His (Zach’s) baby pictures are cute too. I noticed the forehead is a little pronounced. There should be a kit like that. I’m thinking Sweet Pea. Using a 20 inch body with 18 inch limbs should be about right I think. I agree, the newborns don’t look very different in size than normal size babies. But they talked a lot about the head size being a problem with delivery. I’ve never seen Sweet Pea except in pictures. But I think that would work. I’m too busy right now but I’d give it a try.


Not my picture, I found this cutie online.
It shows off the sizes pretty well. I’m seeing a more pronounced forehead and relatively short limbs. The torso looks pretty long, though.


What a darling little girl.

Little people have long torsos or at least compared to their limbs. So a head with a pronounced forehead, some limbs from a smaller kit and the body meant for the head.

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I made a baby for this little girl, let me find my pictures, I have made 2 babies with dwarfism.


How about using a Dumplin head, but smaller limbs? She has a but of a larger forehead as long as you keep the hairline up.

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Okay I have found some of my pictures for the 2 dwarfism babies, one is a toddler and the other is in likeness of little Abbie.

Here is the real Addie

And this is my toddler


Oh wow, they’re so cute!

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