Listed my LIAM ~ please watch!

Please put this little guy on your watch list; thanks! … 1321754769

Watching the auction! Hoping for a BIN!

Thanks, everyone ~ did you notice I did a little something different with his HAIR? Stepped outside my box a little.

Thank you, sweet Sandy, I appreciate it!

Thanks, Mel and Kathy – that head of hair took me a WEEK – I tried to show the texture in the pics but of course, I can’t get it to come through as clearly as it looks and FEELS. I did something similar on my current baby; should have pics tomorrow or Saturday.

I know TEXTURE is nothing new, but it’s new to ME All I used was prisma pencil, thin medium and matte…can’t wait to start another head now.

Thank you! I soooo wanted him to be a HER…if he doesn’t sell, he’ll become a girl. Gotta love reborning, right?!
I would LOVE to see pics of yours!

Beautifully done Karen, and I love the textured hair. BOL and I am a watcher.

What a sweetie, You"ve done a great job, love the hair. I’m keeping an eye on him for ya, best of luck, DEE

Thank you, V & Dee ~ I appreciate it!

Good luck Karen -

Added him to my watch list. I had to double check the hair. I thought it was painted but then it looked like it was up from the head… Great job on the hair and on fooling me into thinking it was rooted for a minute!

Karen, you’ve outdone yourself! Besides that sweet face, I can’t get over the hair. I really did have trouble deciding if it was painted or rooted or both! You might say I did a quadruple take because I’ve already gone back to look at your pictures 4 times (and of course I’m a watcher). Good luck!!

WOW! You guys are soooooo AWESOME! Thank you soooooo much!!!


What a sweet little guy. I love the 3D hair. Best of luck with your auction. I will watch.

Thank you!

He did not sell. Sick of relisting over and over & refuse to sell for even less, so guess I’ll be having my last 3 babies live here for a while.

I listed Gemma & Gabriel on Etsy earlier today. Kind of discouraging when only 4 people have looked at them all day. Evilbay definitely gets the traffic.

Reborning…sooooo frustrating!

Awe - so sorry he didn’t sell. Maybe waiting a month and trying again will make a difference. Will be anxious to hear how ETSY works for you.