LiquidTex on sale

Paints n mediums are on sale at michaels, 30% off. I brought a small bottle of the slow dry yesterday from another store. Michaels had the slow dry meduim, but it was thick n like paint. Do any of the baby fx painters use it? The one I brought yesterday was clear.


I have it from painting on canvas with acrylics, but I find that for babyfx I like Jo Sonjas because its thin and clear like the babyfx one. Michael’s has good sales. If you pull up your store location, you might find more coupons… the cashier did that for me during my last visit and ended up using like 3 coupons together. Made my day!


Thanks, I didn’t know you could use more than 1 coupon. I brought the clear liquid slow dry.


Love sonja’s!

i bought the liquitex slow dry from hobby lobby. It has a green F on the lower left side of bottle. I used it on one doll and I think i used too much cause it got sticky and i let it sit for days and even went over it again with some paint but wound up stripping it. Maybe my ratio’s were off cause others have had no problem. Mine is milky white- maybe that is the problem.Wrong one? I’ve been using golden satin and been doing fine. That is also white not clear but it dries fine for me. If im trying to mix a lighter color I can see where it does tend to change color or dilute some colors because it is white. Let’s say if i want to thin dark brown it might get too tan so I have to adjust proportions.

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