Lip line? Update! How does it look?

Is her lip line ok? I haven’t set the paint yet so I can fix… Hopefully the pictures are ok…

Is it thicker on the right?

@DollyPardon it does look a little thicker… Do you think I should make the other side thicker or slim down the thick side?

Whatever works for you. Do you like fuller or thinner lips? Do you find it easier to add to or remove? I use air dry and would have to make the other side thicker. I think if you’re using ghsp you have options.


Thanks! I made it a little thicker. I use GHSP and hadn’t baked it yet.


:slight_smile: What sculpt is this?

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I think it looks really good!

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It is Cammi by Ping Lau :slight_smile:

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Thank you!!

How does she look now? I can change easily if needed. Not sure what I am missing…

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