Limited Edition Charlotte by Denise Pratt is AVAILABLE Now!

Charlotte, by, Denise Pratt is Available Now on our website!

Charlotte is a specially Limited Edition Denise Pratt baby of only 490 kits worldwide and comes with a numbered certificate of authenticity!

Thanks Everyone!
Emily, Bountiful Baby


I grabbed a seconds of her last night :slight_smile:

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I bought a seconds kit too. I am sad that it doesn’t come with a certificate. It makes me wonder if people will think the baby is a fake. A lot of customers want that certificate. Maybe the seconds kits weren’t counted in the numbered run…

I have never bought one with a COA. I have never bought any limited editions.

With that said… why would people automatically assume fake? The open editions have no COA… What is the difference? Cause they are cheaper?

I pretty much think it is just mostly collectors who know a kit is limited edition that worry about COAs…As Jenni mentioned, many if not most kits don’t come with COAs…(I even had collectors who don’t worry about them either.)
I wouldn’t worry much about it…I think it is sad that there are fakes out there but most honest artist don’t buy the knock off kits and their customers trust them and many buyers don’t know there are knock offs or care as long as they get a doll they like…Really the COA thing is more of a concern for collectors and the reborn artist I think than anyone else…


I bought this little darling last night.