Lil' cupcake

Is Tammy from lil’cupcake nursery on this forum? I am kinda new to all this so I am just finding artists I really like, she is on my top ten. Her work is just beautiful and her photography is breathtaking.

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Doesnt sound familiar to me…

I want to see a photo!! But no, I don’t think she is on here…

She has a nursery on

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Here is hers that just sold today :slight_smile:


She does beautiful work! I love her Clyde I check her page often lol. There are lots of great Artist’s that I follow on here and on fb. Check her out she is one of my top 10 and her prices are not bad at all. Redirecting... @adutt @Marydi @cherielynn09 @specialmoments @pia They are all on this forum and their work is also on my favorites list. So much talent here. I’m sure there are more that I am missing but these are just a few I can think of off hand.


She does beautiful work! I love her rooting too

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She’s one of my “dream baby” artists!!!

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