Libbys done just in time!

Made Libby for my Moms BD.Bought 43s dmfrom Dolls byvSandi. i still manage to break every one! I really didnt think id finish Libbys hair even planted thinly but somehow i finished it with my last needle that was bent Did i get LUCKY!!
.She goes tomorrow!Hair glue isnt dry yet so no hair pic yet. …head isnt on yet…<img src="/uploads/db4141/original/3X/c/2/c2e0141545b37d8ab1db30405b03c8eba7edd7f4.jpg" width=“281” height=“500”>

Her hair… Shes really done now!


Aw, she’s really cute xx

Thanks Shes not as pretty to me as some but shes very baby baby looking


I have never done Libby…she looks very sweet…every time I see one I want to REBORN her…Your Libby is adorable…!!..

Thanks…i wasnt crazy about her until i put the head on the body .then idk she looked great! cuter than i thought
This doll making is so strange…
My mother opened her look a minute and my one 4 yr old grand daughter grabbed her up flopping her around and letting dolly be piggy back on her back as she jumped around before her Mom stopped her…i was cringing…all the work and flopping about like raggedy Ann.!!Ugh.Oh well shes safe now on the couch.
.but now i miss her.!