Libby in her Christmas dress

Now that i finally got it figured out and downloaded pictures of Libby in her Christmas dress under the tree, I cant find the dern topic so here she is. She has the head band her Aunt Linda generously made for her. … 3-orig.jpg … 4-orig.jpg

What a cutie !!! Love this sculpt and love your baby

Thank you ladies I appreciate the positive comments. I was kinda disappointed with her dress when I finished it.

I too love this doll. And boy do i love her dress!

Thank you all so much

Your Libby turned out so cute. I take it you made her dress. It’s beautiful. Love the dainty trimmings on it.

yes, I made her dress, I went to Jonesboro after my 72 hour shift just for the velveteen material and lace trim.

I sew, too, and I am jealous that you have some place to go to get such beautiful supplies. I only have Walmart or I have to drive 100 miles to get something pretty.

I only have to drive 45 miles to get to Jonesboro so I love getting to go . Wal mart here quit selling material so it is drive or do without. I am sure you make beautiful things. Thank you for the compliment.

Your Libby is adorable and her dress is gorgeous! I love to sew, too, but like Kim, we are limited around here for fabric choices. Our Wal-mart had even quit carrying fabric, but they are bringing it back…YAY! We have Jo-Ann’s here, too; love the fabrics there. Glad you learned how to post pictures!

Thank you, I can not quiet put my finger on it. It just seems as if something is missing or not quiet right, who knows, I am my own worse enemy a lot of the time.

She is just so doggone cute under that tree. She looks as if Santa just put her there. Is she a keeper?

Yes I can not imagine ever handing her to anyone to keep.