Liam pre-order

Han anyone on the forum pre-ordered Liam by Bonnie Brown? If yes what option have you chosen with Macphersons, to receive Liam as artist proof with the faults as described by Bonnie or to wait another 3-4 months until the faults with the kit have been rectified ? I have opted to wait but don’t know if I have made the right decision, just wondered what others have decided.

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I preordered him and decided to go ahead and get him this round. with the flaws. They seem minor and in years to come I think I will be glad because of the doll value. There will never be a chance to have the first run artist proof of this kit. Kind of cool that it will be different (however it seems slight) from the ones yet to come. There will always be time to order another without the limited number and they will be perfect. I will have to order another but he was to be for me anyway. I am rather excited to get it the way it is. (I thought about it a lot yesterday before I confirmed my selection)

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I ordered him as is. He looks more defined to me.


They shouldn’t do pre orders but using buyers money to pay for the kits to the factory .

They should order what ever number good once and this should be sold as seconds or whatever .

Thinks are happening but because of greediness now is a hassle

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I’m deciding that I’m going to get him. The flaw is very minor to me.

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I’m waiting. I really want to know what size he wears in both clothing and shoes first, and what better way to find out than by seeing him in others’ auctions?

I did the option for a refund I do not want the kit with defects. I also do not want the money being held up for 3-4 months.

What are the defects with his first kit? I’m curious

Some issues where fixed with the first repour, but others happened. (personally I didn’t order him but I think the issues are minor)

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Lmao. I know you would know!!! You know everything lmao. I’m gonna call you Barbara Walters! :laughing:


Bonnie posted once on her Facebook page all the info of Liam. Cloth size, shoe size, head …etc etc.

The only is with his mouth not being smooth but to me the teeth actually looks more realistic and defined to me.

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It was a tough choice but I decided to order the first batch as well. The flaws don’t seem too bad to me.

I saw that. She only gave cm for the foot size though, so that didn’t really help. I’m not blindly guessing, and I’m definitely not taking a reborn out in public to try on shoes, so I’d rather wait.

Sounds good , we all can wait

I take reborns out in public all the time for color match clothes… I pass out cards if someone notices it is a doll. They see me holding clothes up to the doll to see how good it looks. I like finding things that suit the baby. Usually I don’t make it home without baby getting stranger hugs. Really good advertising.

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You are a brave soul. I live in a relatively small town and don’t think the reaction would be good at all.

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With age comes the ability to do what you want. Lol…some of us have always been that way.