Lexi has a new mommy

So my first and only doll I have ever made as a custom and to sell fell through so with no money down I had lexi made .they backed out when she was almost finished .I was irritated to say the least but decided I would keep her .so didn’t like her as a girl so he’s now a boy .my 15 year old cousin came over today and just fell in love with him she would not put him down so I decided to give him to her she was so happy she teared up

the funny thing is I think he looks like he could be her child


Oh my goodness, she looks sooooooo HAPPY! You really made her day!

Are you going to make more?

That was really nice of you it looks like she really loves him.

Ok, first of all I love that lamp lol! Second, what a kind gesture! She looks so happy, and how special I’m sure it is when someone gives you a baby just because :heart: Did she pick a name yet?

That is more precious than words! Sweet sweet sweet!

No name yet and the lamp was on Amazon for only $40

That’s so sweet! She looks very happy.