Levi Kit for $650?!

No hate to this seller but seriously, $650?! Hes not even first edition. (Although it doesn’t specify if he is or isn’t) And on top of that, this is the only pic they give :flushed:.

He’s in stock on Macphersons too…

I don’t understand why they are asking so much…:woman_facepalming:t2:


Because they can. You can buy it at MacPherson’s for $115.99. There’s also a 2nd edition coming out so I think she’s going to have great difficulty selling it at that price.


If he sells, I would be extremely surprised :rofl:.

I’m assuming, he was like Maddie where there was a first edition that sold out fairly quickly, and now Mac’s sells the open edition. But I could be wrong.

That lady has a ton of kits priced extremely high. Several months ago she announced on Facebook that she was going to sell her stash. I got super excited because she’s only a couple of hours away. I imagined myself meeting up with her and driving away with a truck full of kits. Then she listed them. Dream shattered. She wanted $800-1300 for each one of her kits. And she’s been holding strong for months. But I guess if even one sucker comes along and buys one, it will be worth her holding out. :rofl::woman_facepalming:t2:


Is this that crazy Hart woman?


That’s really weird!! You can buy Levi anywhere for normal pricing.


It does say “or best offer.” We should all do offer her $99. :rofl:


She has a TON of kits for sale at extreme pricing. She was also called out in some groups for trying to sell a knock off quinnlynn. I could maybe understand the SOLE kits, but she has had some BB kits up for sale at 4X their going price for kits still available to purchase. She has several kits I wanted…until I saw the price.


The painted kits are pretty expensive to. But Quinlynn sold. She had her listed for 2800 then 3200. She was beautiful. :thinking:


That’s insane! I recently bought a 1st edition Levi for $120 :upside_down_face:


Ohh shes the one who listed that Quinlyn? Makes sense lol.

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I see plenty of kits in stock on macphersons that are being sold for (attempting) for $350+. I ask the same question, these are still in stock and I can get it for $120. :woman_shrugging:t2::see_no_evil:

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