Let's talk clothes

I have a customer I want to surprise with an outfit for her zombie doll she can’t seam to find clothes that fit. All I know is that the she said the doll is 15 inches and she is wear a preemie size in the picture. It looks like the preemie fits the upper area just to long

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I have taken a onesie and cut it at the waist. I sewed a band with elastic to the waist of the bottom part to make a diaper cover. The top I added fabric that was gathered to make a dress. Maybe something like that would work.

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babyprem.com has preemie clothes for 3.5-5.5 lbs that should fit her.

I discovered some nice tiny preemie clothes on etsy. If you type in Reborn doll clothes, you get a lot of results in all different sizes.

Sorry I should have been more clear. I sew ha ha

The bottom half of her looks too short IMO. I had this issue when I tried to put Teagan (which has 3/4 legs) on a full leg body. What I did was adjusted the body pattern and added about an inch to the length. Just a suggestion.
Here is a pic of a set of Teagan and Tayla twins that I did this with. They have on Carter’s preemie size onsies.

So I would suggest my life clothes! That is way I did

The preemie looks like it fits pretty well :blush: