Left or right?

Trying to decide eyes for my kitten. Left or right?

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Right :heart:

It’s so weird… But the left look better in person. Actually, the right look great in pics but fake in real life. Hmmmm!

Go with whatever looks best to you :heart: We can only see pictures,But you can see the real thing



Her left or her right?

Lol oh yeah! Your right:-)

I actually like the looks of left. Left looks more realistic to me.

I’d say right.

Is it better to try again, when she is painted?

Definitely. Once she’s painted she’ll let you know which eyes look best in her :+1:


Ok! I bought 22 and 24 and was so excited to try both. :smiley:

I think the one on my right. Kitten is a toddler. Their irises don’t usually fill the entire eye socket.

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I always put the eyes in before painting :slight_smile: Just to see how she might look.

I think I need 22’s in a different color… They are from secrist, and they look fake. I’ll get more from bb:-)

Now that I look closer, I think the one on the left looks a lot better

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That is what I love about reborning, that we all like different things!!!

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Definitely! Right now I have a mommy trying to decide between two different color eyes, So I know how you feel lol

I don’t think I have another doll that can handle the 24’s!

Maybe not. But you can always buy one later on :slight_smile:
I don’t think I’m helping lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: