Leaving vinyl bare?

My brain loves coming up with random ideas for reborns. :rofl:
For an alternative, I want to leave the vinyl bare in a few spots, as it’s exactly the color I’ve got in mind. I’m not sure if anyone has ever done this, but can I assume that if I just wash the kit as normal and seal the area it’ll be fine?
I use air dry paints and always prime, paint and then seal. I’m wondering if it could cause any problems if I skip the paint on a few areas.

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I am one of the people that does not prime my kits. So my answer would be no worries but hopefully the experts will chime in soon. :smile:


I’ve not been priming my few latest either. So far seems to be working better for me.
I’d say you’ll be ok!

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I use air dry paints and rarely prime.

I also use air dry and usually go by the kit. If it’s super smooth, I’ll prime, so the paint has something to grab onto. Other kits are a little rougher and I don’t prime those. If you’re not painting certain areas, I wouldn’t think it would be a problem not to prime.