Learning while burning ethnic amelia

When creating an ethnic doll I’ve learned a lot.First thing I learn is that you cant keep cooking the doll.It take a lot of layers to acheive a dark skinned baby.But you must keep the paint thin.If not the color will be so thick it will resemble a piece of dark wood.


They are a challenge! Did 1 had to darken…didnt go smoothly.then thought Aisha would be easier dark skin but the light colors show up like neon chalk . To me sort of worse…! Wasnt happy with either!

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Yeah it take many of layers…lol

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That is SO true! After working on my AA babies my hubby commented on how much longer they took me. I told him from now on when a hear a little kid ask why some people have darker skin my answer will be “Because God took a little more time on them.” :smile: <3


I love that answer !

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