Learning to paint darker

OK, I just figured out that I have to learn to paint darker!!! I swear, I go over my color again, again, and again and I’m getting tired of it. I keep my colors nice and thin and I am about to go nuts. I swear I have put blue (undertones) on this baby so many times and I am worn out doing it. Need advice------thicken my paint or just keep on putting the layers on??? I know that the “thin” layers are nicest but geez after a while I want to put it in the trash. Help please, how think or thin do you guys make your paint???


Thanks Anita,you would think I have been doing this long enough to know these answers but sometimes I just need some other members input. I have never heard of you tip above but it sure sounds interesting. Thanks You again.


Helps me. Gonna have to try it. Thanks