LDC Softline kits

I’ve read about fading issues on previous BB threads and was wondering if that is still the case ?

I personally haven’t had a problem with that.
But I don’t really like painting them, the vinyl is soft but it’s like it takes the paint weirdly. I like BB’s vinyl better.

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@EnchantedOrphanage thanks I just found them online and they looked lovely but better to save the money I think.

Yeah, I agree they are expensive.
With the ones I had I also found things like little random bumps or small bubbles in the vinyl. They weren’t second edition or anything and they won’t resend like BB does.
Honestly, BB is much nicer quality for a much lower price.


I think this is the vinyl that is awful to paint with GHSP. Too soft so the paint disappears once baked.

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They work better with air dry.

I use air dry, but am still not a fan. It’s weird vinyl, haha.