Laura Tuzio Ross proportions and details

So I have a Dominic Rafael by Laura Tuzio Ross. I had hoped after buying him it would help me decide if I wanted any other sculpts by this same artist.

His neck seems kind of long and his head seems a bit small in proportion to the limbs. The body appears to be the right size.

He doesn’t seem to have much creases. Is this just because I’m used to seeing Realborns and other Bb sculpts? That’s probably not a fair comparison.

I’m still unsure if I want other sculpts by this artist based on Dom Raf.

Do the other sculpts by Laura Tuzio Ross seem to be this way as well?

What kind of details do you notice from this artist? Do the heads seem a bit small in person? Any other details you love or dislike?

I have a Harlow and love her. Sometimes I think the body that came with her may be too long but it doesn’t bother me enough to change it. I also just got an Eleanor Anne that I can’t wait to paint!

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I like her kits. The LTR kits I’ve done have realistic but not overly done details IMO. The hands and feet aren’t as shriveled as some of the Realborns. Kodi Bear is one of my favorites. Can you stuff his body, prop his head and limbs where they go, and post a picture?


I really like her kits! :two_hearts: I have Walter which is a older sculpt and quite honestly only thing I would change is the body. It’s huge compared to how tiny he is lol.


He’s all completed.
I probably don’t have a great whole body pic, I’ll look.
The neck seems long and thin compared to other sculpts. The head seems just a bit too small compared to how big the limbs are.

I don’t think it’s a body issue.

Maybe I’m just used to oversized noggins? :woman_shrugging:t2:

You can see his head looks pretty tiny in this hood. I’ll try to get a better pic.

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Is it the body itself, the fabric body, or his head is small for his limbs?

The fabric body. I definitely do see what you mean about Dominic Rafael though.

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I just got him out of his snowsuit and took these. Sorry about the upsidedown one, that’s him laying out flat. His head is weighted in a way that tilts his head back and chin up.
In the second pic I used a pillow to prop up his upper half a bit.

His head does look a little on the small size but he turned out cute.

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Yeah, I don’t think he’s out of proportion to the fabric body. I will probably have this body replaced though eventually just because it’s so dark for his skin tone.

I think it shows more from a side view.

I’m fairly happy with the sculpt otherwise.

Do the newer kits have a fuller head shape?

Ty, he was done by Donna Berger of Busy Stork nursery.

I painted Anthony and I really enjoyed him/her


@PutABonnetOnIt That last pic is simply fabulous! I remember the post with this photo shoot. :hugs:

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Thank you :heart::kissing_heart:

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I love her kits. To me the baby looks proportional.

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He looks proportional to me. And his neck looks fine. As for wrinkles and details, after newborn stage most babies don’t have a lot of wrinkles. And even as newborns they don’t usually have as many wrinkles as the bb kits.