Laura Brown open for preorder!

I don’t know about all of you, but I’ve been waiting for this babe to be released. She’s now open for preorder! Eek!!


I was soo excited when I got the email…I preordered her as well :heart:

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Got 2 preordered!

:heart_eyes: Those hands! It seems Bonnie nails them every time. I can’t wait until she releases!


Beautiful kit.

Beautiful kit adorable face :heart_eyes:

Same!!! She’s precious!

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She’s really cute!

I preordered 2 :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I LOVE this kit. I just have to pay a few bills first :sob: but I neeeeed her. I think I chose the right time to come back


I told myself no more pre orders for a while, couple hours later I pre ordered her :rofl:


Does anyone know exactly what this means?

Preorders will receive a certificate unique to the preordered kits only.

From what I understand Bonnie is doing a special certificate for this first run and then the rest will just have the open edition cert. She said on Instagram that she didn’t want people to think Laura is limited edition because she will be open. But I could be wrong, this is just how I took it :slight_smile:


My prevailing thought is that she sure has good hands!


I might be following in your foot steps. I told myself the same thing. I almost broke down a few times today but so far I’m holding myself together. Don’t get me wrong I am still definitely getting her I’m just trying not to pre-order.

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I have no willpower :rofl:

I don’t have much either that’s why I already preordered Ashia after I told myself no preorders. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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I ordered her too! Those hands :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

I’m wondering when we’re going to start seeing prototypes. Right now I have a good idea of how I want to paint her, but I’d love to see other interpretations. I’m also curious about her legs. Bonnie said they can be shaped to be more froggy and I’m assuming its by holding them in place while they are still hot, so I tried that out on Luciano but they’ve already straightened back to their original position. So I want to see what I did wrong.

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She may be more like Levi in the legs, not sure.