Lara's ebooks..looking for some opinions

ok…I’m thinking about taking the plunge and getting one of her Ebooks. But…I don’t know, if for $25.00, am I going to get a lot more info than I already know?? And then…which one should I get? She has the one for the new baby look, one for each complexion, and then there’s one that’s called Oh You Beautiful Doll…and I don’t know which one would be most helpful…have any of you bought any of em and what’d you think?

I love her ebooks! They are wonderful and if you do have a question she will answer. She is a lovely woman!

ditto what the others said.

I did it!! I took the plunge, lol. I bought the beautiful doll one. I figured that was the best place to start!! Hopefully, I’ll be hooked and want lots more Thanks for the advice girls!!!

omgosh you guys!!! I just got done reading the supply list and halfway through the neautralizing wash…and I’m already stoked I bought this!!!

Thought I had lost the one I have of hers for painting Native Americans when the computer crashed but just found it on the flash drive. I’ll have to look it over again tomorrow. Some of it was just basic info but other parts are helpful. The CORA classes have a lot of info too. Guess I’m up on the fence as to whether they are worth it. It does save time from having to sort through everything online.

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I only use her ebooks ATM.

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What does the ATM mean?

I’m going to have to look at her books again now that I’m getting back into this after a few months of being busy with everything else.

yeah, after having read the one I bought the other night, I officially want to do another of every kit I’ve ever done, lol

I have almost all of Lara’s books and love them. Like Carol said there is something new in each one. My favorite of all, although the most complicated also, is the Just Born ebook. You really get a new baby look that is fantastic. I learned, aside from the pallete etc, that a little change of purple tones or blue tones will make an absolutely fantastic result. I carried that to other babies and palletes.
I started out with NO art experience except a teacher in 7th grade who told not to tell anyone where I made my ceramic fish dish. I was so thrilled with how it came out and she had been hoping it would break in the kiln! So for the next 55 years or so I didn’t touch anything artistic. Couldn’t draw at all, knew nothing about colors etc. I sewed quilts and all the clothing we wore but didn’t do any experimenting with color. AFTER the first of Lara’s books I was freed to an extent. Now I no longer follow her palletes to the letter, but use them as a base to experiemtn with my own techniques! And have learned that I CAN do this…and more importantly to me, I can do it my own way, not just “stay in the lines”.
Lara’s books are excellent, you will not spend your dolly dollars in a better way! Consider it an investment.

Lordy I wish!


I found this for free:
Lara painted hair

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I am SO unimpressed with the final result she achieved. I think someone posted this a week or two ago.


The basic technique is good though
The result will depend totally on each artist’s ability. I bought the PLBD Hair Painting tut, and while the ladies’ painted hair is amazing, watching them do it did not rub on to me at all :slight_smile: It takes practice and more practice. And this free tut shows exactly what to do.