Landon Awake!

I just saw his picture on Facebook, here is a link:) I think he’s perfect!!


Omg soo cute

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Aw he is so sweet thank you for sharing!

So cute? Thanks!

Oh he’s cute! I may need this kit. Can someone explain to me how the realborn work? Its not quite clicking with me.

Realborns are kits made from scans of real babies so they are very realistically detailed. Other than that they’re the same as the other kits.

Oh my goodness - he’s so cute.

OH my I just might have to get that grumpy little face!

Now I need 10 of him. My asleep babies of him sold like hotcakes.

It didn’t even click in my head at first that it was the Awake version, he looks so much like the asleep version!

Must have this kit. Thanks for sharing. I already have the sleeping one. So darling

Gasp! He is perfection! :heart_eyes:

I think he looks mad… but I know I will eventually get him. I like his size

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I love him he is my new must have!

He doesn’t look grumpy to me, just looks like he’s checking us all out.

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Not a happy face kinda like yeah so what you gonna do about it lol

Little grouchy face is really cute. :wink: