Ladies, lets do something different for Christmas! EDITED!

I have had an idea given to me and i wanted to throw it to you to discuss and think about and see if you would be interested in participating in. The idea is instead of spending the money on a round robin for one person, how about we do something for several people. Each individual would decide on something small and inexpensive to give. Say maybe you make baby bracelets make a baby bracelet for each person and will mail them. Or you make small hair bows, made several of those. Whatever you make or can find. We have a list of each others mailing address and each person would use an envelope and mail one to each person on the list. We would have certain days of the month of December to mail and maybe we could receive a small gift several days in December. We all use pacifiers, or sponges and lots of little things in our making babies. These are all things which could be sent. Let me know if anyone is interested in doing this and if so I will try to coordinate this. I want to state the obvious, everyone who plays will have your address. No need for phone numbers of course.


That is why I said small things.

Sounds like fun. Count me in too.

You know I want in the fun!!! Lots of things will fit in an envelope!

Just wanted to start people thinking of what they could pick out to send so I thought I would start a hints list and have people add to it…unless you have something really cool in mind and don’t want to share!

  1. Bead bracelet or bead kit - if you don’t have sizes for wrists, then send a bead “kit”. In a snack size baggie, include beads and a piece of 5mm stretchy cord. If desired, add a note on why you picked those beads…favorite color, reminds you of…, christmas or winter oriented, favorite thing, etc. Or make your own beads out of sculpey clay.

  2. Bib - dollar store or make your own. Embroider, paint with fabric paint, pretty print, cute saying. Different stores will have inexpensive ones especially small stores like Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, etc.

  3. Christmas or other bottle - More expensive to mail but I’ve already found ones for a dollar each with a choice of Santa or Reindeer. Since Catherine is on bottles now, guess who is getting sent a reindeer bottle!

  4. Pins - make ones with sculpey (you can even attach safety pins or pm me…I have over 100 pin backs left from a girl scout project), find ones on sale, use ribbon and a decorative button with a pin back

  5. Headbands - add a ribbon bow and a decorative item, look online for ideas, crochet ones, lace ones, ribbons that tie, dollar tree has 5 headbands with sparkly jewels for $1…that’s only 20 cents per headband and you can add to it if you want to.

  6. Socks - Christmas or winter socks, socks with added lace or beads, socks with crocheted trim, socks with bows on the toes!

  7. If you sew, make a diaper with pins or velcro. Make taggies with ribbons. Sew a small stuffed up.

This is something that doesn’t have to be expensive. If too many want to do it, then we could always have two groups or 3 or 4. I’d say limit the size at no more than 20 so if 34 join, then each group would have 17. Don’t worry about whether you spend as much money as the next person or if your time was limited so you had to just chose something easy. It’s the thought that counts and the caring that we can tell each other hi.

Let Debora (if she is leading this!) and the rest of us know if you’d rather do a regular RR or if you have another idea. Get the ball rolling because December will get here soon (sooner for us older folks where time seems to fly by…summer was a lot longer when I was a kid!)

If we have groups of 4 or 5 we could do a little more than $1.00 a piece.

Whatever you can come up with! Hope we get more people!

Thanks for all the great ideas. I love doing stuff like this but I am not very creative.

You make beautiful babies so you are creative! Sometimes it just takes playing around instead of seeing it as work and not being too critical of what you are doing. Pretend you are five and start at that point! Glue and paint and clay and googley eyes! Plus the internet has all kinds of ideas. Chill out and have fun!

Thank you and that is great advice. I think that is what I will do tonight is get out some stuff and just play around and see what I can come up with.

This is goign to be fun and a change. If you need an idea IM me. i have helped one person so far and I have some ideas and if you have more than one idea you do nit need share with others.

Ok I just wanted to bump this up to see who all is interested in doing this.