Labor Day Sale 50% Off

50% OFF! - Deep Discount Kit Deals Right NOW!

All sale prices are subject to end or change at any time.
Once an item goes off sale, the sale price is no longer available.
Credit cannot be given for an item that was previously purchased at full price.

Note: There will not be a sale next week for Labor Day due to low staffing.


Thank you!

Boooo where are the newer realborns! I need Jaycee, Jade, Brooklyn, Aria and Darren lol


Not to sound ungrateful, but right! Exactly what I was thinking. Lol


I have all the others so the new ones are all I need. I normally do not paint a kit more then once unless I really like it. Oh June is another I have not painted forgot about her.


As cute as they all are, I’m a bit disappointed in the selection as well. would’ve liked to have had at least one new kit on sale to choose from.


I would like to have had the sale next week when I have more dolly dollars! But, I must keep my big girl pants on and move on. :slight_smile: I know there will be other sales. As far as NEEDING any, I don’t I already have enough to keep me busy for a while.


You’re right about the big girl pants! :joy:

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Can this happen again? Please? Pretty please?