Kyra Finally Done!

This is my Little Reborn Kyra finally done was so much fun making her!!!
I painted her with GHSP and Powders to stain and give depth was so much fun!!
I hope you all like her!! Now to Get her Listed and Sold!!!


She’s cute but I wish I could see her sweet face.

I will Post one of her face she and a close up of her detail on her little feet and Thank you!!!


Her skin tones are really nice and l love her lips!

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She is a cutie.

Shes cute!!

nice job

Thank you all for your nice comments means a lot to me!!!
I do these little babies in my spare time which is hardly none now since my husband has been found to have stage 3 Lung Cancer . We spend 5 days a week in a Cancer treatment center and that leaves me very little time left with to do my dolls.
I have also have custody of 3 grandchildren ages 7 and 8 and 17 years old plus my 81 year old mother lives with us also so yes I limted time is all I have a couple hours a week maybe but I do love doing them and will always. Again Thank you so much!!!

Wow, Rita! You’re plate is overflowing, for sure! Thankfully, you still get some time to work on the babies. I’m sure that helps relieve some of your stress.

yes for sure

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If you knit or crochet that will help you while you’re
waiting at the center with your husband.

You could make some cute outfits for your dolls.

I spent time crocheting while I was at the hospital
with my first husband. I waited on him, but while
he was sleeping there was nothing to do but answer
the phone and I was nervous.

My Fil at the time spelled me so I could go back to
the house and I brought back a project to work on.

The time passed much faster that way and it got rid
of a lot of the nervousness.

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