Kits on sale again

Why do BB keep doing this to me? I see a couple Kits I wanna order.


Because they want you to keep seeing a couple of kits you want to order…heehee…I am the same…It is totally frustrating…I keep telling myself “no more” and then I go back and order more…It is a vicious cycle…but I love it… :smile:


Yes, knowing I don’t need no more kits. But for them prices, you have too. I can’t help it either. I love a good deal.

Ahh I hear you. I have so many kits and ideas for most of them that I confuse myself and can’t decide which one to do next. Can’t buy any more confusion! :confused:
Having said that…I have baby FX paints on the way and will likely put time aside to practice and decide if I like them. I have saved all the wonderful tips on them from my fellow reborners and must spend time reading up now.

I keep hoping Fawn (not prepainted) will go on sale. I want to make this one for my granddaughter’s birthday. She has not asked for a pig but I think she would really like one. I am sick that I missed Summer Rain and a couple of others. I keep hoping that the combination of those of sale will be the ones I want so that I will only have one shipping charge. I almost bought a couple of Asher Awake’s. I am reborning one now as a girl and she is so cute.

A voice in my head tells me that same thing, but I don’t listen lol. I’d like to see more of the small babies up for sale the 13-17". I keep wondering if they’ll ever Nod on discount sale, but I have seen him/her yet. Same with Miles, but he may be too new to be on the sales page?

Do you think there will be more Owen seconds?

How do seconds even come about? Do you think they come predominately from the kits that sell the most since they are the ones that have to be produced more often (creating seconds)? There are some kits that I NEVER see as seconds, and they also seem to be the same kits that I never/rarely hear anyone talking about or posting photos of on the forum. I saw the seconds of Owen only that first day of his release…and they went fast lol. I wonder how well he’s been selling since then?

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I think they generally come whenever kits are restocked since seconds are the flawed kits in each new shipment. I’d imagine popular kits would have more seconds as they get restocked more often.