Kits on Auction!

Redirecting... Her on Facebook She is running kits on 1 hr auctions getting good deals.Zhenya by Olga Auer I got last night for half off :slight_smile:

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CASSIA by Sylvia Manning. has 10 mins left … HOLDEN by Helen Connors has 45 mins left.

What auction site is this? eBay??

No she is a dealer on facebook.

Darn. Sucks for people like me who don’t have a Facebook. Thanks anyways

Sorry! Cassia just sold for 69$ she also ships in us for free, regular cost is 105+shipping so you can get good deals.

Okay thanks anyways.

I clicked the link and it didn’t bring me to an auction.

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it will take you to her fb page you need to friend her.She is a kit dealer /Owner/ President at Tru Born I am friends with her on fb and she is legit I bought from her last night.


Good deal @Nikkiroc I seen that haha.

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I got such a great deal… I could not pass it up! HOLDEN is adorable!!! That face! :heart:


How do you access the auction? I friended her but still don’t see it.

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She is in west coast just started one a few mins ago check her page now

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I have been to her facebook page several times but don’t see any auctions. I don’t understand facebook very well. Do I have to click on something or ?

Type her name in your search… The auction are on now​:kiss::heart:

I don’t know what you mean? Like type it in google? I have been on her facebook page but don’t see any reference to auctions.

I went to the search on my Facebook, type her name, and scroll down… They should be there:-)

Maybe I’m not scrolling far enough?

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Yes!!! Go down past her pictures and friends:-)

I found the problem. There is nothing below pictures and friends for me. Maybe she didn’t accept my friend request? How would I be able to tell. Facebook is NOT my friend.

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