Kits - 50 Kits at 50% OFF!

Hi Everyone!

I just selected 50 kits to put on sale at 50% off.

Almost all of these kits were not on sale before this morning (2/27/19). They are a whole new crop of kits in our “Deep Discount Kit Deals!” section of our home page.

Also, our “Deep Discount Kit Deals” were only set at about 30% off before this morning - and now they are 50% off.

Come check it out!

Nevin Pratt, CEO


Eek, hubby is going to kill me but I’m going SHOPPING! Glad I’m slow getting started this morning and decided to check out the forum! Been a while but I picked the right day to browse! Lol, and being slow means I hadn’t started adding stuff yet so now my empty cart is just begging for attention!


Well, I guess I am still suffering from “reborn fever” as I just ordered 3 more kits plus accessories. Brings me to a total of 5 kits! Hoping after completing these I’ll know what I’m doing! :rofl:

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Wheeee! I placed an order! Thank you @bbsupport :slight_smile:

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I really want Realborn Darren and Brooklyn I never see them on sale together. :frowning:

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I placed one order and then another order. Oops, not sure how that happened :joy:

They got me, too. I couldn’t resist getting three more kits for less than $20 each.

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I couldn’t resist either. Thank God for tax returns!

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