Kit swap- blank kits editted to add

So there has been throwing around if a kit swap. I would love to do one. We can discuss a minimum cost. And you wouldn’t know who has you until you get your kit. Who is in?


I might join in

I would consider it.

I’d do it :slight_smile:

Biggest downfall I see is not knowing who got your name. Lots of things like does the person your getting the kit from have animals? Do they smoke? Is it someone you know and trust? I would consider it but there needs to be some sort or rules in place like we do with the baby swaps.


I totally agree!!!

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Oh of course. We would set up like oh this person has pets. Like we would neger send one that someone couldn’t have smoke wise and such. And it would be all trusted members. And say if someone didnt follow through there would be a system set in place. So they didnt lose out on a kit.


We could do a random draw then say who got who.

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I’d be interested😄


Oh no I was thinking blank kits.

Even with blank kits I think pets/smoking should be listed and myself would like it to be a trade with a regular and recognized member. I have serious trust issues haha.


No for sure!! I wouldn’t wanna trade with some random person at all.

Oh and yes pet and smoke must be listed. Like us we dont smoke but we have a cat and my daughters black lab service dog.

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I do smoke but only outside of the house, but I have really bad allergy problems. Long hair animals do not bother me but short hair does even horses. I love to ride but when I do I pay for it for 2 days afterwards because it swells my eyes shut :frowning:

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And for me smoke doesnt bother me. But I know it does alot of other people.

Maybe whomever we swap with agree on sculptor of kit, like if i do a bb kit, then my swap do the same or a real born, or another like Adries, just so someones not getting a $35 kit swapping with a $90 kit.