Kit suggestions

I want to get a lot of painting done during the coronavirus “lock down”! Any suggestions for cheap kits? (other than bb)I am a new artist so want to keep the price low


With current market conditions, I’m afraid I don’t have any suggestions. I’ll watch this thread to see if anyone does.


I agree, alot of supplies can’t restock right now,so it’s not like it normally is.
BB has one kit a day on sale and they are the most affordable sculpts in general.
McPherson has some on sale but they are still more then BB normal price.
Same with Irresistibles.
(You may find a few on those sites for around $50)
Other then that, you could make a post to see it anyone here has kits for sale. Idk the prices or what they’d be but it’s a option!

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MacPherson always has a decent selection of kits on sale. The kits that are in that section tend to always be there. So don’t feel like you buy before the price goes back up. :wink:

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Unless you are not in US, BB is still your best pace to buy.