Kit sale @ Irresistables has 26 good kits on Halloween sale for 26% off with code 1026. Now through 12:00 midnight CST on the 28th. I wish I had some dolly dollars. Lennox is on sale for $73.99 with the discount. I have a vision for her but I’m not going to pay full price in case it doesn’t work out as planned.


Awesome sale hope some of people here will be able too.

Great deal, I got Cassie and Pip by Cassie Brace, I LOVE her kits!! How is the shipping with irresponsible? What’s the average wait?

It’s longer than Macphersons. I think I got my stuff in about a week last time.

Thanks for the heads up! I dug through the bin this morning and decided I hate all the kits in my hoard. Now I’ve got a new one coming :slight_smile:

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Got Kloe which i don’t need LOL but its a decent sale so as usual whip out the credit card, bad me! :scream:

Does Irresistables always have free shipping over 100.00

As far as I know.

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Shipping from Irresistables is sometimes a little slower than some places but not unreasonably long, about a week.