Kit recommendation please

This is my first granddaughter at one yr
I prefer B.B. kits but would consider others. Thank you!! image


Eliza or Jesse?


They are cute and can be considered! Ty :slight_smile:

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She is adorable!!!

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Awe!! TY so much honey! She turned 6 yesterday :heart_eyes:

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Oh I like Gracie too. :slight_smile:

Madison awake?



Plus I have this precious little one that just turned 4 and both of these girls have big eyes. Hard to tell but very similar features. One is much darker than the other :slight_smile:

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Cutie pie but need bigger eyes :slight_smile:

Iā€™m not very good at this, but maybe Willow Flower?

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Jesse would be a really good match if you paint in a lower lip.

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How precious!

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I am not good at matching but I think Amelia would work.

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June matches her perfectly as a newborn because she sucked in her lower lip all the time lol :slight_smile:

Thank you so much everyone for the suggestions!!