Kit mod question

I recently made a sleeping baby into an open eye baby. I did a lot of trimming and it looks very good. I actually like it a lot better with peeking eyes. My question is, how do you get the eyes to stay put while the glue is drying. I need them nice and snug. I know others have done this. Please share your wisdom. Thanks in advance.

If I remember correctly, people put moleskin behind the eye to make it stay put.

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I bought an eye adjuster from Nonie’s Angels (listed under other supplies). It’s actually for inserting contact lenses. It has a tiny suction cup on one end. I put that on the eyeball and, from the inside, stick the handle of the adjuster through the eye opening and hold it until the glue dries. Kind of a pain but it works. Put a little glue around the inside edge of the opening first. Once that first bit of glue has dried I remove the adjuster and seal the eye in with more glue from the inside. Moleskin works but I find it hard to get it in there because it sticks to everything so it’s difficult to get it in the right position.

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Thank you. I actually may use a Nerf gun Dart. Lol. Same concept with suction cup. I was wondering the same thing about the Moleskin because I’ve tried to use tape just to insert them long enough to take a picture of it and it’s impossible.

I used that clay like stuff for bjd dolls to hold them in place just a little piece to hold it. I’ve also use super glue to get them in place as it dries fast.

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I thought about super glue just on the sides and then a6000 around the rest of it. I’m in the process of painting it right now so I should be putting the eyes in either today or tomorrow. I have a lot of great ideas to try so wish me luck.