Kit Maxi

hello, today I received my first kit from mcpherson maxi the vinyl is very different from that of bb it is darker and harder and the recommended eyes of 20 mm are very small, it is my first big baby I do not feel very identified with it, that you believe?


Nice looking kit!

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Kits come from different manufacturers and the vinyl is all different, the company you purchase from has nothing to do with it. I will tell you that I don’t care for German vinyl, it seems that the limbs are nice but the heads are always ROCK hard, very difficult to root. BB has the best vinyl around!! JMO. Another thing, I’m often disappointed in some of the Expensive kits I purchase, they are usually not near as nice as BB’s kits, they are subject to lots of flaws sometimes. Good Luck on your bigger kit, she’s cute!

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I am sure that with the right eyes you will make her look beautiful!
Non-BB vinyl is very different, but has its benefits. For me it requires less layers to achieve desired colors. If you only painted reborns before, it will also take time to adjust to the luck of details and deep creases :wink:

You can do it!

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thank you ladies😘