Kit match these babies, please?


Jaxson sleeping for the 2nd one. (And he’s on sale.)

Jaxson looks close from the front, but from the side, John’s nose is way smaller.

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He almost looks like Darren from the side.

Adorable! Need one made, lol!

Trying again for a kit match of the girl. Here are a couple more photos, but I would prefer awake if there is one. I felt like she NEVER closed her eyes, which earned her the name “Peepers.” BB and non-BB welcome!

The second sleeping pic looks like Scarlet Brown. Her awake pics look like a kit but I can’t think of the name. I’ll look and see if I can figure it out!


Holy crap…she does look like Scarlett. I guess I never saw it because I was so focused on the awake photos.

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I saw it right away, She’s so close! She’s really pretty and Scarlett is a really cute kit.

More awake photos for match.


Please don’t say its Adalyn. She sold out right after I started reborning.

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Maybe @cajuncuties still has her.

Still looking for a match. Grandma vetoed all of my suggestions :confused:

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@jlesser is at ROSE she is the best! My suggestion only got picked one time in 3 years, lol!

How about Gabriel BB!

Bottom pic reminds me of Cade

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I think I have narrowed it down to a Linda Murray kit. I can’t decide between Lily and Georgia.