Kit Match Help Please! Thank you!

This will be one of two…Creating 2 babies for my aunt, one of each of her two favorite cousins. Naiara and Isabella have been matched. Thank you!

Here is Naiara (Nay-R-Uh)

Matched her to Clyde asleep

Here is Isabella

Logan?? Not sure

Thank you for the help!!


Maybe Clyde? Or Logan?

I think Clyde is pretty close…


I’m no good at kit matches. I wish I was. :confused:

I think Meg is a pretty good match

What about Kimberly?

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Denver Rose? By Marita Winters

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Thank you all thus far. I have added photos of Isabella.

Isabella looks a lot like Scarlet by Bonnie Brown.


Isabella looks just like Jody by Secrist Dolls.

I definitely immediately thought of Scarlett by Bonnie Brown for Isabella. I think Logan’s lips are a bit too full for her.

I was thinking about her. The only problem is my aunt is prepared to pay $250. Scarlett is about $110, plus a body (probably would order from BB) $12-$20, so $122-$130. That would mean that I only profit $120-$128. I personally dont make that much anyways on my dolls, but I’d rather have the kit match less and be able to make more. That may sound rude, but I checked with her before I started searching and she said as long as the kit matches most of the features, it’s all good. But thank you. She does look a lot like Scarlett.

Lucky you,Family always wants me to do theirs for free.


You are correct!!!

If not Scarlett, Kimberly. I’m just not seeing Logan.

Yeah. Isabella is a hard one to match. I just wish I had a larger budget, because Scarlet looks almost perfect.

Did you look at Jody by Secrist Dolls?

I did. I’ve never ordered one of their kits. Is the vinyl hard or soft?

New kit by J Kazmierczak.

That’s Amelia, right? Sadly I’m on a budget of $250, so that’d probably break my budget (I would like to make at least $130-$150).
But, I’ll probably grab her up to paint and sell on my own time.