Kit match help for this sweetie. PLEASE

I wondered if you ladies could help me find a match for this sweetie. I understand it’s a long shot since it isn’t the best picture. But I thought I would ask, since some of you ladies are amazing at kit matching…

Blessing Winters? (she is 15 inches though)


Wow. She is a great match. This baby was a bit of a preemie so 15 inches long works

Maybe Hope Hanson.

Or Mavie


Hope’s hand is a little strange. 3/4 arms, full legs. 15 inches

But she is on sale at Irresistables

Mavie is full limbed and 17 inches

How about Frankie or Nevaeh? Or even little Dean?

I thought Reese might be a good match :thinking: and he’s on sale :grinning: