Kit match for a newbie, please?

Hello everyone! I’m new here. Not really as I used to be on this forum years ago but stopped reborning for a few years and can’t remember my username now. I excited to jump back in though and was wondering if anyone could help me find a kit match of my son? I’m terrible at it. I would really appreciate any help!




Wow Logan is a perfect match!

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Thank you so much ladies! I actually ordered Logan for my daughter last night and thought I saw some similarities. I also sort of see Summer Rain when compared to his last photo. What do you think is a closer match?


Only BB kits?

No, any kit that is not limited availability.

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Hattie Brace? (she does have a “soft spot” on her head just so you’re not surprised)
She is on sale for $29.99 here

Your little guy and Logan have the same nose.


thank you!! going to take a look at her!

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His little squinched eyes do look like Summer Rains’ :blush: She’s going to be hard to find right now though. BB is supposed to bring her back in stock this winter :smiley: I’m actually working on her now. She’s been a joy to paint! I’ll definitely order another!!

She’s still a work in progress

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Aw, she is gorgeous!! I think after looking through hundreds of kits I decided on Logan anyhow. His nose is a perfect match for my son- which was my hardest feature to match for him. The only thing I didn’t like about Logan was his chin shape seemed a little different but I know there will never be a 100% match and I think he is pretty close. Be sure to post pics when you’re through with her-I’d love to see!!

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You’re a sweetheart :blush: thank you!! I’ll definitely show you pictures when I finish. Depending on how you paint and shade Logan’s chin you can slightly change it’s look. I’d love to see yours when you’re finished too!! You’re little boy is precious and I agree he has the same nose as Logan :blush: that was my first thought when I saw his sweet pictures :heart_eyes:

He kind of reminded me of this one . Enie by Didy Jacobsen

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aw,yes, sort of the same nose!!

Just wanted to say thank you so much ladies! I ordered Logan and he came in today. He honestly looks so much like my son and I can’t wait to get started on him. I will post pictures after he’s complete. :slight_smile:

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That doll looks like how I’d picture Maggie Gyllenhal as a babe.