Kit ID and clothing and shoe size

I just received this Regina Swialkowski kit from someone and could not pinpoint which toddler it was. I thought it was Gabriella from the pics but once I got her, realized she doesn’t completely resemble her. Also, I was curious about her clothing and shoe size.


I think it might be Isabella. No idea as to clothing and shoe size.

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Thank you! I just found another picture of Isabella and it does resemble her :blush:

That’s Isabella. She’s on my want list. :heart_eyes:

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I’m in love with Gabriella and Inara, but Isabella is just as cute.

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Curious: how do you glue rooted hair is neck hole is so small?

That’s a good question. My Gabriela was the other version with a neck. Now I too want to know how you glue the hair. :thinking: