Kit flew away

Well for pete sake ticked… Jaden came up on BB i tried to order and it said i didnt have enough in my cart to ship so ordered paper glaze went back .shes off! dang TOO FAST!
Ive been watching about every 15 minutes or half hour seems they keep changing.kits
Tried to get another kit earlier put one in cart…it came up 2… so went back said 1 put 1 in again it went offsale . !!Do they want anyone to buy?


Maybe let us know what kits you are looking for and we can try to tag your name when we see it up?


IMO an item shouldn’t go off sale when it’s in your cart waiting to be paid for. It would be nice if the listing stated ‘on sale from_____to_____.’


Yeah - I don’t think that is right to be having those random sales with an unknown ending to them. I think if they want to run sales like this it should state from ______________ to ______. This way you know if you have enough time to get it into your cart and pay for it.

But Nevin says this is all computerized so he doesn’t know what and when items get chosen. It all has to do with inventory and which kits are in abundance, not selling, etc. bah humbug

Somebody programs the computers. If they’ve been programmed to do this they can be programmed with a from-to date and time.


does anyone know how long the sales on for? wish i had more money :smiley: haha

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Last week same ones on sale i think almost a weekThere is no until dates on these just pop up I guess yes computer generated if nobody is there until Monday
These changing so fast you have to buy that minute or miss it on sale…
…I finally got a kit!!Whoo hoo
I really wanted Jaden though and was looking every half hour or less then she just came up…and gone!!.


jen it didnt .i had Jaden in my cart… it jumped from 14.95 to 29.95 IN MY CART!

thats very kind of you but i doubt we could get the message and pay in time!

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Glad you noticed the change

i didnt at first but i noticed the total after the first kit it gave me 2 and i notice the price.higher .then so watched this one closely and saw it. higher also…

I have noticed that sometimes you try to add to cart and nothing goes, and other times it doesn’t change pages but does add it to the cart, but it doesnt seem like it. I just make sure I watch carefully.

Same thing happened to me with Rosebud (again). Some of them seem to change faster than others. Since the sale started I’ve purchased several of the kits and some I swear are on there for hours, while others seem to come and go within like 30 mins or so


Same thing happened to me I had two kids in my cart and I was going to add a couple things and when I went back to my cart to get ready to check out, the kits were no longer on sale.

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Well seems like they are leaving the few on special they have had for some hours now.Computer set for it or us complaining? dont know why.

Is it just me or does it seem like sleeping Thomas keeps appearing (or not leaving) on the sales page? Seems like he’s in every other rotation. I keep hoping Rosebud will come back around

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Yes he has been there often. Sometimes leaves for a few them comes back again. Rosebud is a sneaky little thing… lol. She is a hard one for me to catch as well.

I haven’t paid much attention to any of the realborns to be honest, but I just looked at sleeping Kase after reading your post and you’re right he is adorable. Even the pictures of his naked kit are cute, I love his feet. I’ll have to keep an eye out to see if he goes back on sale anytime soon.

I’m keep checking every hour to see if the sales have changed, and hoping maybe she’ll pop up next go round…I feel like a stalker. lol

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You know the detail i guess the real
born have…i bought Caleb as my first kit.Hes small but his feet and hands are incredibly detailed although hes not realborn .the other bigger kits i made or kits I see feet and hands dont look close to as real
.He sort of spoiled me right out of the box to wanting a more detailed kit.
im not good enough yet being new for the higher price kits…Cant wait to be though.

Just switched again and Caleb is on there