Kenlee's (was Sugar) auction not going so well :/

I lowered the price…drastically, unfortnately. Her first auction has ended and she didn’t sell, so I thought I’d try again, this time starting at way lower than what I think she’s worth. But I also finally got a new camera. I just did another photo shoot with her, and added a bunch of new pics to her auction…please take a peek. I just love her!!! I have to say her hair is the favorite of mine that I’ve done so far. The newer pics of her on there really show it off better. I wetted it down more and gave it more of a baby look I think. Of course it’s late and there’s no daylight, so the new pics were all done indoors, with a flash, but she still looks pretty good I think. Maybe a little of her blushing didn’t show up the way it should, around her fingers and things like that, but in some of the pics you can finally see capallaries, veins, and eyelashes, so improvements have been made, lol … 19d145b4df

Hope she sells for you! Honey is not one that I like even though my first two kids were chubby as babies (now they’re in their twenties and tall and thin) Having better photos should help her sell.

Oh it’s a very nice auction. Gorgeous baby and hair. Nice pictures too. It’s just hard to be found among the sea of babies on eBay… I hope the right eBayer see her this time…

You might want to try 10 day auctions. Not everyone can get on eBay everyday… if your auction comes and goes before they log on, they don’t even have a chance to bid… It’s the most exposure for your money.

Not everyone likes to list using a long auction, however for me I have found I get more hits and watchers. The more hits and watchers the more chance of bids. Also they will be more likely to look for your future auctions. 10 day auctions may not work for everyone, but for me it’s great! …

Oh i hope she sells for you. I’ve heard some women had to list thier babies 3 to 4 times before they sold. I was told once to make sure my auction run through the weekend and end on a Monday or Tuesday. I guess The reason is more people look on ebay on the weekend if they work during the week .

10 day auctions and making sure it hits the weekend are both good ideas girls!!! Thanks for the advice!!

Do not lower her price anymore!!! That is already too low. You haven’t sold her yet because her mother hasn’t found her yet…with all of the competition it just takes time. List her with the least fees but I agree with Joe, one of your fees should be a 10 day auction with the end falling on a Sunday. Then folks can find her during the week or Saturday and be home on Sunday when her auction ends. The # of dolls on ebay is so enormous that you need to give yourself every advantage. Her auction looks good and your pics are great. Good closups and lots of different lighting. Be patient she will find a home.