Karen, I have one for you!

So, I decided to add to the title of my current listings on Reborns.com “SOLD OUT LIMITED EDITION” in hopes to attract buyers. I got this message:

If he is sold out how long will it take him to get

I sent a nice reply explaining what SOLE means. I’m wondering now if I need to explain it in my listing or remove it totally. In all the years on Ebay, I’ve never had this questioned.


Seriously, we need to write a BOOK…can’t make this stuff up, folks! :smile:


Got this one a few days ago:

Hi, my name is Kayla. I am in love with Harrison. He’s amazing.
See, I’m only 13 and of course I don’t have a job. If there is
any way his price could be lowered it would be amazing. I have
wanted a reborn for 4 years but haven’t been able to afford any
and Harrison is beautiful for his price. If it isn’t too much to
ask. Thank you


Maybe you should have to pass a test before you’re allowed on the internet.


You should reply: Sure! That isn’t too much to ask! How about I just give it to you? Free shipping, too.


If the plumber unclogs my toilet for free and the pediatrician sees my child for free and the electric company decides to give me electricity for free, then I will definitely consider it.


Well…NO PROBLEM because reborners now have a new policy where we make dolls for FREE and then we just personally hope in the car and deliver them to your door! None of the hassle dealing with PayPal or shipping charges…heck, we’re all filthy rich and we’re only reborning because of the sheer JOY it brings, none of us expect to be paid for our work! It works out great all the way 'round, right?!